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In a dynamically growing market, your business needs to have a comprehensive view of the machinations behind Sri Lanka’s fast paced real estate growth. Real Estate Intelligence Service (REIS) is a subscription-based research service designed to provide you with timely, accurate, insightful real estate intelligence across the country to enable you to make informed decisions. REIS combines international expertise with local knowledge and is backed by JLL’s award-winning research platform. Real estate professionals across the globe have been relying on REIS in their decision-making process for over two decades in Australia and New Zealand, and over a decade in Asia. This service consists of comprehensive real estate data, analyses and forecasts for institutional property players. The wide spectrum of outputs are prepared by a dedicated team of researchers.

REIS would give your business access to accurate and timely real estate market intelligence to help you make smart business decisions in a semi-transparent and emerging market.

In a competitive environment where information is power, REIS provides you with cutting-edge insights into the country’s diverse and challenging real estate markets through collation, analysis and forecasts of property market indicators and trends across all major markets. Carefully prepared and constantly updated by JLL’s highly qualified research professionals, REIS enables you to identify opportunities and risks first-hand. We gather on ground intelligence via regular collaboration with our colleagues working in areas such as capital markets, leasing, consulting and valuation. REIS empowers you with consistent and complete data and analyses. It is supplemented by value-added services including client briefings, presentations and rapid market updates.

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