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Transaction Management

Consistency measured

​​​​​​​​Do you have the information you need to make space decisions quickly?
Are you able to execute transactions consistently across your portfolio?
Is your transaction process integrated to transition smoothly between leases?

In the dynamic markets of Asia Pacific, our ability to react quickly to opportunities gives you a competitive edge. Having the right market and portfolio information enables you to make sound decisions quickly, mitigate your risks, reduce your costs and take advantage of market opportunities.

Our dedicated Transaction Management team acts on your behalf to ensure that transactions across your portfolio are executed consistently and are in line with your business objectives. By working closely with our Tenant Representation specialists on-the-ground, we make sure you secure the right space at the right time and at the best price in local markets.

As part of our suite of Portfolio Services, our Transaction Management specialists combine a wide range of experience across different industries and disciplines. They are well connected to our global network of professionals to leverage best practices and help clients maximize the value of their real estate portfolio.

Our professionals can provide the following core services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Occupancy planning
  • Space acquisition and disposal
  • Portfolio management and reporting

"We negotiated cost savings and avoidance of USD 2.6 million in the first year of our contract with a leading financial services company through lease renewals, incentive negotiations and sub-leasing"

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    Value Measured - Our Corporate Solutions Capabilities

    With real estate typically being one of the top three costs in a company, having the right real estate partner is critical to business performance. Real estate strategy, well-delivered, can provide significant cost savings to a corporation. Getting it wrong can mean loss of competitive advantage, costly penalties, and adverse effects on business productivity.​

    Our Corporate Solutions specialists leverage extensive real estate experience and industry knowledge to drive value across the entire real estate life cycle. They are able to deliver seamlessly across a single project or multiple geographies.

    Our integrated platform not only promotes greater operational efficiency and reduces delivery risk, but also creates additional value, allowing for innovation and collaboration on all assignments regardless of size. We eliminate redundant activities, excessive oversight and gaps that may occur when managing multiple providers. The outcome is greater efficiency, risk management and sustainability for our clients.

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