JLLer creates virtual yoga classes to promote wellbeing in the new workplace

JLL employee finds a new way to put physical and mental health at the forefront.

April 01, 2020

Part of the Planning, Development & Heritage team by day, Isabel Scruby is also a keen yoga enthusiast – and currently co-ordinates the London Yoga Club, which has three sessions of staff yoga a week.

Usually there are around 10 attendees. But with offices shut, sessions have moved online for staff working at home. The first session had 60 participants, and since then over 160 people have signed up from all over Europe.

“We’ll hopefully go back to our real-life classes once we return to normal office life,” she says. “But this has really raised their profile so we might need a bigger room!”

Wellbeing in the workplace is increasingly on the radar for companies trying to retain and attract top talent. With the home now the new workplace, prioritising both physical and mental health is as important as ever.

“For many people working from makeshift desks or even slouched on the sofa at home, their posture inevitably suffers,” Isabel says. “Some simple stretching and thinking about the position of your body helps to set you up for the day.”

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