Building for the future in Asia Pacific's cities

Cities in Asia Pacific are building stand-out structures to create a stronger brand image - and increase their appeal for investors, tourists and citizens.

March 06, 2017

As a result, buildings in the region are pushing the boundaries of design, boasting some of the tallest, smartest and most environmentally friendly structures.

In Shanghai, the 623-metre, 128-storey, Shanghai Tower recently opened. The tallest in the country and the second tallest globally, the building boasts the fastest elevators, the highest hotel and restaurant and the tallest viewing platform in the world. In India, the Badriya Juma Masjid (mosque), in Kundapur, has won the platinum award under the ‘IGBC Green Place of Worship’ award because it is entirely powered by wind and solar energy.

“Developers and architects are keen on constructing landmark structures, competing to be the best across the globe to make a name for themselves. These buildings also enhance the brand image of the city, as in Singapore, Dubai and Shanghai, helping to lure foreign investment and talent,” says Dr Chua Yang Liang, JLL’s Head of  Page not found

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